söndag 2 augusti 2015

Gee I hope I don't remember what I learned from the future so I can stop it from happening because it's just too painful

Funky Winkerbean, 20150802:
Some backstory: Funky Winkerbean is, to me, chiefly a comic about Mr Les Moore and his love affair with his loss of his wife Lisa, and what an amazing person he and everyone around him thinks he is because of how deep and profound that love is, and what an amazing writer he is because of the uncompromising, personal vision supposedly shown in his book about his dead wife. So in this storyline, where the cast of the comic has a reunion with their younger selves from when the comic was funnier, the plot is chiefly about Old Les (with a goatee and blue hair to the right) dominating the "In memoriam" table with his stuff about Lisa, Young Les (with black hair in the middle) having super intense manfeelings when he finds out Lisa is going to die, and Lisa herself (the very plain girl talking to Young Les) being ignored completely.

And so we see the man's caliber, in the end. He has the choice to potentially rewrite history, saving a woman from a horrible, pointless death in cancer - someone he knows and supposedly loves with all his heart, no less - and he does nothing. Twice! His younger and older selves could both try something.

We have always thought the older Les was far too deeply in love with his own martyrdom to care to do anything to get over Lisa, but I didn't think he'd literally let a person die in order to get to feel sorry for himself.

And what's the younger one's excuse? He's too overcome with terror and wants to deny what's going to happen? What he knows is going to happen, because he's literally in the future? He doesn't like it, but he's not even going to try to do anything about it? It's not like everything else worked out so well for everyone  he can't risk upsetting anything; in fact the whole cast should be working together to take notes on how to make the exact opposite of this heavy-lidded, anhedonic, misanthropic, lethargic future devoid of hope happen, if the narrative had half as much interest in all the rest of them put together as it does in Les.

In conclusion, I hope Les gets cancer and dies alone and unmourned. Soon.

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