torsdag 13 augusti 2015

The Meaning of Pluggers, part 18

Pluggers, 20150813:
Today, "Plugger" means "Someone who uses their cat as a substitute for conversation".

It's hard to get a clearer picture of the devaluation the word has suffered over the years, from referring to a specific class of person (but we don't live in a class society, oh nooo) with a specific attitude, family structure, set of values, type of job and life philosophy to the gibbering horseshit we see here that attempts to appeal to literally everyone who ever has been or imagines at some point they could be in the presence of an animal.

By the way, I think I need a  "symbolic dialogue" tag. Here we see again this kind of dialogue I really, really hope the writer doesn't think is something people actually say, even to their pets. Because in what world do you need to debate which of these two places to go to first? If you're picking up a package that's heavier than your supply of drugs you go to the drug store first; otherwise it probably doesn't matter at all and you should just go where the wind takes you. Or where you always go if you're the traditional type.

So what we're seeing is a representation of the pointless, useless talk you see from people to whom speech is a goal to pursue in itself, rather than a means to exchange information. Hopefully.

(I don't understand those people.)

Your humble critic's plugger status: Negative; I only talk to my imaginary friends

But I'm not lonely, dear reader, I have you!

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