torsdag 6 augusti 2015

The Meaning of Pluggers, part 11

Pluggers, 20150806:
Today, "Plugger" means "Scam artist in 1987".

I think that time Ernie had a storyline about Sid "The Human Piranha" Fernwelter making up a long series of fake names in order to get out of paying his utility bills actually happened in 1987. There was a time when a dishonest person might successfully fool debt collectors by smooth talking, but that was before credit card companies started doing a better job at preying on people than any human beings could.

I know, given our lives are run by corporations built up to effectively be psychopaths using people any way they can to benefit their shareholders, I shouldn't be upset with little people and their little lies, but it bugs me that there are people who cannot grasp that debts they owe is money they have spent. Yes, you spent it before you had it, and you may not even remember anything about the poker game where you spent it, but you still owe that money to be paid. Debt doesn't go away before you pay it. That's not how money works.

My cousin's check for $1600 that he owes me has been in the mail for over twelve years now.

Your humble critic's plugger status: Zero credit, zero debt

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