måndag 10 augusti 2015

The Meaning of Pluggers, part this is my life now

Pluggers, 20150810:
Today, "Plugger" means "Male-identifying Western-themed TV show enthusiast without Internet connection".

Did you know movies and TV shows used to be made primarily for middle aged white men? Because they were the buying powers and the decision makers of the house. It was a marketing study that changed everything by showing that middle aged television owners aren't actually susceptible to marketing because they generally know what they like. (See previous installments re. crusty minds incapable of change.)

And that's how we got the now-classic "13-35" key demographic. Why make shows for people who don't care about advertising?

So we don't see a lot of new Westerns these days. (Team Coen's True Grit was a masterpiece, but, you know, remake). And reruns is all you get if you don't know how to work the Inter Netflix on the pirate machine. Kind of weird when a grown man and old film enthusiast is taken completely by surprise that an actor he idolizes did a movie sixty years ago but imagine his joy.

Funny story, you know in Blazing Saddles when Bart invokes Randolph Scott's name to stir the hearts of the townsfolk? Here in Sweden, the subtitlers translated "Randolph Scott" as "John Wayne". That was incredibly confusing to me when I was six and didn't speak a word of English.

Your humble critic's plugger status: Negative

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